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       We have a limited supply of rings bought just before the gold and silver prices
began to change so drastically.

      Therefore we are pleased to offer you some beautiful rings at much reduced prices over the present standard.
       There are three beautiful designs of 10-karat gold, or sterling silver with 10-karat gold accents,
                  in limited supply and some in limited sizes.

*      *     *

                   The Irish-made 10-karat gold Claddagh ring. This beauty has all the deep meaning but at a
discount. Made by Ireland's premier ring makers and at tremendous savings while the supplies last.
$200 for an Irish tradition of over 350 years, and an excellent, heavy wedding ring.
We have a few in most sizes and half-sizes, from size 3 to 12 in stock. For size 10-12, add $20.
After these are gone, new ones will start at $250, and $25 added for larger sizes.

State ring size here, please

A Cornish-made men's heavy sterling silver ring with 10-karat gold Claddagh.
This heavy ring adds a large bright gold insert with a big Claddagh.
For the important man in your life, or break tradition and buy one for yourself.
 $250 for this heavy, masculine ring. Comes in half-sizes 7 to 13, a few in each size.
There are no more of these available once these are gone, so hurry to avoid disappointment.

Please state ring size here

A Scottish-made heavy sterling ring with 10-karat gold Celtic knot. Another striking silver and gold ring,
this one boasts the simple entwined knot of bright gold in its middle, a hint of the mystery of eternity.
$250 for this ring, a favourite of many of our clients for wedding bands.
We have a few of each in stock, half-sizes, too. Sizes from 3 to 14-1/2. Add $20 for size 10 and up.
Future purchases will be $350-375 for the same ring.

Sizing and Prices
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