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Note: Due to the recent demise of Irish Books & Media, the primary source for imported Celtic books for the North American trade, we will not stand sure for every title and price quoted below. Email us to see what is available at any given time.
There will be some additions as we find new and reliable sources.

Ordinance Survey
Complete Road Atlas of Ireland wirebound edition

Our vote for the best road map of Ireland. Perfect for the "long trips of short distances" typical of Ireland. Place names In both Irish (Gaelic) & English, just like the signs you'll see. Perfect size to read and flip onto the dashboard. Very detailed, including dirt roads. Often out of stock. $29.95

Scotland: A Concise History
2nd edition, rev.

An authoritative & witty guide that disentangles the complex threads of Scotland's rich history. 238 illus. $16.95
The Making of Scotland A lively introduction to important themes in Scottish history from the first settlers
to Roman times.  Color photos and illustrations.
Ireland: A Concise History A concise account of the important events that shaped the country
from 3000 BC until 1994. 173 illus.
Mullins Heraldic Scroll & Map of Family Names & Origins of Ireland Over 700 coats of arms in full heraldic colors surround the Ireland map with name locations. 28"X40". Perfect for dry mounting and framing.
This item is no longer in print. Suggest Amazon UK for used ones
How the Irish Saved Civilization paperback edition Tremendously well researched account of the Irish role in protecting civilisation,
learning and Christianity during the Dark Ages in Europe. A must read!
The Course of Irish History
4th Edition
Well regarded, concise and readable. Often out of stock. $18.95
Celtic Calendar Very complete, illustrated day-by-day history of the Celtic world.
From November 1 through October 31. 
Includes all major Celtic lands and their holidays and historic events. B/W
From the Celtic League and no longer in print. We expect re-print in 2012.
How the Scots
Invented the Modern World paperback
Often the poorest country in Western Europe, the Scots were guinea pigs for
or inventors of most of the things we take for granted. From roads and tyres, to cantilever bridges, to our present cultural institutions, the Scots tried them all, often first. Another must read!
So You're Going to Wear The Kilt A virtual Emily Post of dos and don'ts of the kilt and Highland wear, including the author's many opinions on the etiquette of formal and informal wear of Scottish traditional dress. Very good notes on ancient techniques of donning the kilt, and styles through the centuries. $19.00
The Book of Kells, hardcover An illustrated introduction to the manuscript in Trinity College Dublin.
117 color illustrations.
Scottish Tartan Weddings
A Practical Guide - hardcover
E.M. Budd, tackles everything you'd ever want to know about the traditions of a Scottish wedding, from "hand-fasting" and courtship etiquette, to the many details of a proper, formal ceremony. Great sections on tartan, clan crests, suggested menus and toasts, even Scottish baby names.
A must-have reference for proud Scots about to wed.
The Traditional Irish Wedding
 soft cover edition
Bridget Haggerty, takes on the many details of a traditional Irish wedding, with such an entertaining style that it all seems like plain fun. Great recipes and even notes on Ireland travel honeymoons. This is a must-have for Irish weddings. $24.00
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