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Inis Products - a Note "Inis" (pronounced in' ish) means island in Irish, and all Inis products seek the scents and essences of nature and the seaside. No Inis products are animal tested. Inis contributes a portion of proceeds to the welfare and conservation of whales and dolphins often found just off shore of the Irish coast.
The dolphin is often shown on Inis products and advertisement.
Inis Cologne  50 ml. bottle Inis is one of the most important fragrances of Ireland. For both men and women, it combines citrus, salt and sea breeze accents into a rich and irresistible scent. Different on everyone. Unique. $35.00
Inis Bath Soap 150ml The same marvellous Inis scent in a glycerine soap for everyday use. Wonderful and revitalising. $8.00
Inis Body Lotion, 200 ml The wonderful fragrances of Inis in a truly great moisturizing lotion. Seaweed extract is the secret to the best lotion we've ever tried. It is cold and arid here, and the lotion works wonders for us. $20.00
Inis Arose Cologne, 50 ml. bottle The irresistible scent of Inis, with a dash of the fresh nectar of roses, combine to make a wonderful fragrance for women. Very feminine. Roses at the shoreside, is our best description. $35.00
Inis Arose Body Lotion
200 ml
The same seaside rosy fragrance in a wonderful, non-greasy moisturising lotion. Use it all over, it's the best one we've ever found. Melts in on touch and soothes instantly. $20.00
Inis Or Eau de Parfum
50 ml bottle
Add the essence of ripe orange to Inis and find another rich and unforgettable scent for women. Very rich and balanced with a hint of musk. A new, mature and earthy parfum from Inis. Wonderful! $46.00
Innisfree Perfume 30 ml A delightful fragrance of Ireland combining fruit and floral fragrances and a touch of the local Wicklow lavender, for a well-balanced scent. Very distinctive and attractive. $35.00
Connemara Perfume 30 ml Another of the characteristic fragrances of Ireland combining several floral accents into a truly feminine scent. Named for the wild western lands of the coast. $30.00
Patrick Cologne  100 ml A manly mix of forest and mystery, blending scents of fern and pine, oak moss and patchouli into a rich scent of Ireland. This is the new replacement for the earlier aftershave, and will prove as popular. $35.00
Naturally Irish Soap
Heather & Moss 125g
These are marvellous vegetable-fat soaps, very moisturising and richly scented with the natural plants found in the fields and forests nearby in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, where they are made. More below. $8.00
Naturally Irish Soap
Lavender 125g
As richly scented and natural as its Heather & Moss counterpart, both come wrapped in a linen sleeve - use to exfoliate your skin. Both soaps serve as a potpourri in bath or drawer until opened! $8.00

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