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A Word or Two About Orders:

Please be advised that the financial crisis in America has affected Europe and the British Isles even more than ourselves. As a result there may be small discrepancies in pricing based on changes in the exchange rates of Euros and Pounds, and price raises beyond our control.
We will contact you by email, if this occurs, and get your approval before shipping. Every effort will be made to keep prices up-to-date, but

we recommend "refreshing" the web pages on each visit to our site, to avoid miscommunication
about our presently available products and latest pricing information.

For further details about our business policies and shipping options, please follow this link.

Due to the Massive Spamming which has occurred in the past year launched directly from this page,
all new orders must be
placed via PayPal when buttons are present to do so.
The "fill in the blank portion" of this page has been removed for this reason.

Any special orders or issues may also be placed
direct to our email address below.
Be aware that this is a secure site and no details such as credit card information can be stolen from it.
Be sure to include your email with any enquiry to assure a response.

email address:

Order Form - Now Defunct
Please describe your request in as much detail as possible.  You may fill out this form and submit it on our Secure Site online. 
Or you may fill out the form, print it and mail it to us.  If you would prefer to call us with your credit card number, please do so and leave your number and expiry on the answer phone. We will be happy to correspond as necessary to meet your needs. We can accept payment by VISA, MasterCard, Discover or cashier's or personal check. Shipping charges will be included in final cost. Sales tax of 6% will only be added for South Dakota residents.  
Special orders are not returnable/refundable. Note: Please include your email, as this is often the most efficient means of communication.

Note: We can not accept responsibility for items which do not fit due to incorrect measurements. Of course, if you visit the store we will measure you, gratis.

NOTE: For Kilt or Bespoke Tailored Kilt Jackets and Waistcoats, please go to our "Measurements Page" and send us those measurements as an additional email .


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