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Do you really like to wear your hand-made kilt?
Do you wear it all year - like I do - and not just to Burns Night or the occasional festival? 
Are you an "off the rack" bloke who grabs a jacket and make it look made for you? No?
Well neither am I.
Then you need a bespoke-tailored and hand-made Kilt Jacket and Waistcoat to wear with your fine hand-made kilt.

Our first prototype arrived, and I was not disappointed.
See the photos of it and feel free to drool. I did.

Custom (bespoke) tailored, in the European tradition but here in North America. It is a more modern version of the Argyll or Crail jacket and waistcoat with all the special details you could ever want.
And tailored to fit YOU, not everyone else who's a 44-Long.

See the next one, this one is in a similar brown herringbone and I'm wearing the Muted Old Sett Buchanan kilt.

The jackets both have a front breast pocket, plain epaulettes,  two flap pockets, a single front button, and single buttons on the sleeves. These are all personalised details.
In back there is a double cut flap, and a felt collar liner, and the jacket tail ends just at the "flare" of the kilt pleats.

Inside there are two breast pockets both buttoned, plus a pen pocket and a watch pocket on the left. Note the detail of the fully lined soft satin and wool even inside the jacket sleeves.
The Waistcoat has five buttons, and two flap pockets matching the jacket, in the Argyll style.

Both fit perfectly - fully tailored, quality, well-made jackets for semi-formal and everyday wear.

Did you want an Argyll or Prince Charlie cuff instead, or braided epaulettes, no problem.
In fact, any style issue or variant is an option when making your customised clothing.

Or maybe you'd like a tailored ancient doublet, a Montrose or Sherrifmuir from the pages of
the history books, and still as smart to wear today as two centuries ago.

Want a different woollen fabric than this or different buttons - just pick and send your own or let us make suggestions. We have some good British sources for these items, and Scottish tweeds.

Be one of the first to have that "High Street" tailored  look, and see why men go to all that bother for the right fit.
As with all specially tailored items, measurements are vital, and there are no returns allowed.
We strongly recommend you use a tailor for your measurements, and take the diagram
along for them to refer to, when preparing for your order!

Estimated wait is 8 - 12 weeks from order, arrival of materials and settlement of details.

Price for Jacket and waistcoat $750

Extra large sizes, 52" and above will incur a $50 extra charge, unless you supply the material (about 4 yards/meters will suffice) . We will quote with measurements.
If you include your own fabric (3 metres/yards for most) and buttons, there will be a $50 deduction in cost.
See our Measurement page for instructions or print and view the measurement diagram for your use. Email a copy of these measurements or the diagram to us with your order.

These truly are finest quality garments, and well worth the small additional cost and time.


Copyright all materials and images 2011-2012, Charlie Weir