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We supply local pipers and musicians with instruments and music books, and simple music lovers with a fine - and ever-changing - selection of Celtic performance CDs and DVDs. Now we offer this service to our internet clients as well.
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Musical Instruments
All instruments are of good quality and appropriate for years of use.
Beware of tiny bodhrans, they are usually made as wall ornaments or toys. Ours are the "real thing".

The Bodhran (pronounced Bow'run or Bah'ran) is a very old Celtic drum, and a serious instrument. Pitch is changed while playing by stretching the hide from inside with one or more fingers or the heel of the palm; also by changing the "strike position" closer to the rim.

Despite the folklore to the contrary, Guinness makes a poor "tuner" liquid for skin heads, and is a terrible thing to waste.
We use distilled water and a spray bottle for easy coverage. Drink the Guinness instead, might improve your playing.

We recommend purchase of a nylon case to carry your bodhran and music, and occasional application of a "cream" leather conditioner to the inside of bodhrans with a skin head to avoid degradation and eventual splitting of the hide. Bodhrans are hard to re-hide.

Bodhrans, Tippers and Cases

Good Quality Bodhran
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Our least expensive instrument, and quite good enough to play in any public setting without regret. Single skin head is "tuned" by wetting with water until the desired pitch or "boom" is obtained. If it goes too "low" just leave in a warm place for a few minutes until it dries somewhat. Frame is dark brown, single crosspiece inside the drum. 18" head, 4" deep $90
Professional Skin Bodhran
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A heavier instrument with double skin heads. Tuned with an included hex key. Has a cutaway in frame for easier hand access. Much sturdier and able to drop a little more in pitch than the "good" one. Professional grade. Black lacquered wood frame with a single crosspiece for added strength. 18" head, 5" deep. Highly recommended instrument. $250
Howard Synthetic Bodhran
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The "Brian Howard" professional instrument. Has a synthetic head by Remo, and a single crossbar in back for added ability to "stretch" notes. This one is ideal for dry climates and rough duty travel, and my choice for our climate and the professional musician. No water tuning, it comes with a tuning wrench. 18" head, 3.5" deep. $250
Tippers or Cipins (kip'ins)

In order (L-R) in the picture:
I - I - J - L (long)
B - K - I (short)

Choose Yours

One plays the bodhran with a single, small stick
called a tipper or cipin.
Most come with a striking head on both ends, but  a few come with one end for an esoteric style of traditional playing
(we don't sell those).
The important differences involve weight - heavier vs. lighter-, length, and grip at the middle.
Darker cipins are usually heavier, hardwood ones

After some time most players choose a type which suits them best, everyone has more than one in their "kit" just in case.
Some players "turn" them on a lathe or carve one to shape.
I like one that's heavier, has a ring or two in the middle (to hold more securely), and is the longer standard length. You'll discover your own favourite.
Bodhran Case
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Fits the Good and Brian Howard Professional Synthetic Bodhrans listed above. Heavy nylon with front and back handstraps and a midline strap for over-the-shoulder carry. Also a narrow, long front pocket for your tippers and cream. Highly recommended. $50
Beginner Bodhran Book+CD
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Conor Long teaches you an easy technique to play the bodhran, using his own visual notation. Available while supplies last. Conor is a famous sessions musician and one of the best in Ireland. $25
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