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The Celtic Shop

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The Celtic Shop
Charlie Weir
and Rose McCarty greet you with the traditional Celtic phrase "Ceud Mile Failte"
kayd' - mee' la - faul' cha) promising you are welcome in one hundred thousand times.
We hope you will enjoy your visit and come again, maybe even tell your friends about us.
And do come back again, things have a tendency to change over time in the Celtic world as well as in the Shop.
Look around our Shop at the satisfying variety of Celtic goods; we have hand-picked them all
and would love to share our treasures and stories with you.
Just start with any of the links at the left and have a good time.


Charlie Evans Weir, proprietor, in his preferred mode of attire.
That's the rare "Ancient Weir" tartan kilt and tie, and a brown muskrat sporran he's wearing,
He also wears the "Modern Weir", the "Weathered Buchanan", the "Evans of Wales", the "Welsh National" and the "Muted MacNaughton" tartan kilts as befits his heritage.
We custom measure and make kilts and (Welsh) cilts for our clients. And now we carry bespoke (custom) tailored goods like the blue lambswool,  herringbone tweed waistcoat shown here.
We are the sole stockists and suppliers of the new "Black Hills" tartan for residents of SD and the local area.


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