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Sung In Gaelic
Certainly the oldest surviving native languages - along with Basque - of Europe, the Celtic languages - Gaelic and Brithonic are both beautiful and  devilishly complicated to speak. These CDs show the superstars doing the songs of the Celts with art and beauty. I have them all and highly
recommend them to you. The distinctive, clear vocal style of Gaelic is delightful, as is the seemingly oriental tonality of the music.

Mary Jane Lamond
Bo Thr Nan Craobh
Mary Jane Lamond learned to speak and sing in Gaelic as an adult. Here she gives a virtuoso performance of 14 Gaelic songs from her native Canada, bow-churr-nan-c'rave, or "from the land of the trees" shows the Gaelic tradition is alive and well in the New World. One is even a song to an old Ford! $16.99
Mairi MacInnes
Named for her home island in Scotland, Orosay, is a bright collection of Gaidhlig songs interpreted  by the clear voice of the songstress. $16.99
Margaret Stewart & Allan MacDonald
Colla Mo Rn
calla-mow-run  features the voice of Margaret Stewart and the piping and woodwinds if Allan MacDonald in rich and resonant presentation of traditional Scottish songs in Gaidhlig. $16.99
Margaret Stewart & Allan MacDonald
Fhuair Mi Pog
Pronounced foor-me-poke and meaning "give me a kiss", another great CD featuring MacDonald's wonderful piping and Stewart's evocative voice invoking the Scottish Gaels in song. $16.99
Wolfe Tones
As Gaeilge
Pronounced az-gallik and meaning "in Gaelic". The Irish folksingers turn to the native Irish traditional songs in Gaelic. Includes two instrumentals. $16.99
various artists
 Pronounced esht meaning "to listen", this compilation features Altan, Clannad, Van Morrison with the Chieftains, Mary and Frances Black, and other superstars of the Celtic world. Breathtaking vocals and arrangements, who cares if you don't understand the words! It's Gaelic, the soul music of the Celts. $16.99
 various artists
ist ars
Pronounced esht -ah'rish meaning "listen again", this collection lives up to the standard of the original. Capercaillie, Altan, Clannad, The Chieftains with Mary Chapin Carpenter, the Blacks and others sing the ancient songs. Arrangements are stirring and impeccable, and voices rich and angelic. Buy both for a night's listening pleasure $16.99
various artists
Gaelic Voices
An excellent collection of Gaelic Irish and Scottish songs sung by such superstars as Altan, Cherish the Ladies, Capercaillie, Niamh Parsons, and Andy M. Stewart. $16.99
various artists
Orain Nan Gaidheal
Oh-run Nan Ga-ul means "The song of the Gael" and features a who's who of traditional Scottish singers performing traditional songs in Gaidhlig. Also includes piping. $16.99
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