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Atmospheric Celtic Music

A genre comprising "mood music" and "New Age" experimental versions of Celtic themes. Great for yoga, introspection or "background" listening.
ENYA Born Eithne Ni Bhraonain, Enya is the queen of the slow and atmospheric anthem, her devoted fans know she not only composes and writes the songs, but also often plays all the instruments on the track herself. We assume her tours add an entire orchestra for the same effect when live. Her aethereal voice is legendary, and her albums unmistakable. Wonderful!  
Amarantine Enya sings three of her songs in the invented "Loxian" language from "Water Shows the Hidden Heart" (title of a book and one of the Loxian songs); Also "Amarantine" and "Long, Long Journey". Enya in her best form.    $21.00
    A Day Without Rain Includes the title track, "Tempus Vernum" and "Pilgrim". "Only Time" and "Wild Child" were international Hit Singles. $21.00
The Memory of Trees Includes the title track, "Pax Deorum"  "Hope Has A Place" and "La Sonadora". Won a Grammy for Best New Age Album. $21.00
The Celts Originally the "soundtrack" to a BBC educational series about The Celts, this is the CD that propelled the international rise to success for Enya. Peppered with Celtic themes like "Epona" and "Boadicea". $21.00
NIGHTNOISE A virtuoso quartet blending Celtic music, jazz and chamber music, Nightnoise's Scottish & Irish members, have carved a niche for themselves in the alternative Celtic and New Age markets. Some of the late Johnny Cunningham's best fiddle work is found here. Once unavailable, the CDs are again in print.  
A Different Shore 1995 $16.99
Shadow of Time 1993 $16.99
Something of Time 1987. $16.99
The White Horse Sessions A live recording from 1997. $16.99
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