formerly Black Hills Celtic Shop

At our new Premises!
136-B Sherman Street / Deadwood, SD 57732

Proprietors Charlie Weir and Rose and Kazz McCarty
605-571-2358 (571-CELT)
All content and images copyright 2013 Charlie Weir   

Explore your Celtic heritage.

Visit our shop for a unique shopping experience
in the beautiful "Highlands" of South Dakota.

Who are we?
The Celtic Shop is a "pan-Celtic" shop.  Nearly all other Celtic Shops in North America are actually "Irish" shops.  We carry not only fine Irish, but also Scottish, Welsh and Cornish goods of all sorts. All hand selected by proprietors.

What are they saying about us?

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What's New at the Shop:
We are converting the website to PayPal buttons for easy and secure shopping!
Some gold and silver rings on discount!
Bespoke Tailoring of men's highland jackets!

Exclusive source of the Black Hills Tartan!
Over 650 Scottish tartans readilyavailable
Any tartan ever registered special made in large or small amounts!

Guinness T-shirts in Gaelic
Inis Perfumes, including the new Inis Or
Welsh tartan items for 35 common names
Irish County and National tartan items

Hours of operation:
Monday-Saturday 12.00noon - 18.00pm, MST